What is A Tutorial Education?

Our tutorial approach is a pedagogy that:

  • affords a student one-on-one time with a college professor every week 
  • affords a student experience with college level work without pressure for grades
  • affords tailoring of academic direction toward the student’s interests
  • builds a love for learning, since connections are constantly being made between the student’s love for God and the subject at hand
  • encourages life-long learning
  • follows the Socratic method that argues truth is discovered in the interaction between two people rather than only through the textbook or didactic teaching (lecture).

The beauty of this way of study is a combination of small group meetings and one-on-one time with your professors. 

Each week the students attend a lecture by one of the Center faculty, meet with their assigned tutors, and also attend a group discussion time for all students and faculty. 

During tutorials, assignments are discussed, papers are prepared and presented, and the tutor makes evaluations about what would be good for that specific student to address next.  It might mean that one student is investigating questions that the others are not.  Each individual student is given work that touches his specific interests within the framework of the group’s readings.