Readers' Seminar - FALL 2016

NEWS:  We are starting the new season of our readers' seminar this fall, October 18th!

Since the success of our ONLINE READERS' SEMINAR last spring, we have scheduled a new series of books for this fall.  The price per session is $30, or $125 for the five sessions altogether.  To sign up, all you need to do is email the Director at, and we will put you on our list.  Then, send your checks to our offices at 932 Harbor View Drive, Memphis, TN 38103.  We will send you the link for the ZOOM meeting where you will be able to log in and both see and hear the other participants.  

The Syllabus:  

Date            Reading                                                     Author                             Teacher

Oct 18       THE FOUR LOVES                                 CS Lewis                          Hodges

Nov 1         ESSAY ON TRUE VIRTUE (1-3)           Jonathan Edwards         Hodges

Nov 15      CONSOLATION OF PHILOSOPHY    Boethius                          Hodges

Nov 29     DR JECKYLL AND MR. HYDE               Stevenson                      Hodges 

Dec 13     ON THE INCARNATION                        Athenasius                      Hodges