The Faculty at the Center is made up of college professors who have been selected for their commitment to Christ and their commitment to their fields.  Each either is or has recently been teaching college, and each has a long history with our Director, so is known and trusted.


 Professor John Mason Hodges, Founder and Director

Director Hodges is a conductor and composer, holding degrees in Music from the University of Maryland, and Indiana University.  He served as Music Director for various symphony orchestras and church music programs in Memphis from 1983-2009.  He also held the position of Associate Professor of the Arts and Cultural Apologetics at Crichton College where he taught art and music history, philosophy of the Christian Faith, directed theater, and founded and directed the Institute for the Arts and Cultural Apologetics.  Director Hodges lectures on Aeschylus, Augustine, Aquinas, and the Arts (and Music), hoping soon to get to the Bs...


Dr. William Jenkins, co-founder, guest lecturer
Dr. Jenkins is Associate Professor of English at Manhattan College, KS, and held the position of Chair of the Humanities Department at Crichton College.  He specializes in 20th century literature and writing workshops.




Dr. Keith Callis, co-founder, guest lecturer
Dr Callis is Chair of the Humanities department at Charleston Southern University - and worked as Head of the Honors Program at Crichton for many years.  He is a specialist in the novels of Thomas Hardy, and 19th century literature, and Shakespeare.


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Professor Jonathan Vowell, lecturer, tutor
Professor Vowell teaches English at Victory College, Memphis, and holds degrees from Crichton College and the University of Memphis in English.  His specialty is the works of GK Chesterton.



Professor John Walker, lecturer, tutor
Professor Walker holds an MFA in creative writing from University of Memphis, and is an award-winning writer of short stories, novellas, and novels.  He studied fiction under Richard Bausch, Cary Holladay, and Barry Hannah.  For the Center specializes in teaching Homer, Dante, Hemingway, and Milton.


 Dr. William Marty, lecturer, tutor
 Dr. Marty is retired from his position as Professor of Political Science at University of Memphis, and lectures for the Center on Plato, Burke, and political history.


James H. Grant, Jr., lecturer, tutor; MDiv, Reformed Theological Seminary
is pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Rossville, Tennessee, and teaches theology at Westminster Academy in Memphis, TN. Pastor Grant serves on the Board of Uganda Bible Institute, and he is the author of 1 & 2 Thessalonians in the Preaching the Word Series, published by Crossway. He lives in Tennessee with his wife, Brandy, and their four children: Macy, Trey, Nate, and Addie.  Pastor Grant lectures for the Center on Augustine, Erasmus, Calvin and Luther, as well as tutoring in literature.