About Us


The Center for Western Studies is an experiment in education.  Our goal is to offer our students two things:  a Christian view of the world, and a study of the ideas that shaped Western civilization.  Western culture is by no means perfect, but it is ours, and so it is essential as Christians that we engage with it, reflect on it, sort out the good from the bad, and in the end, show it respect as an example of keeping the 5th Commandment.  We did not make ourselves, nor did we build everything we have in our culture.  If it were not for those who have gone before we might be living quite differently:  perhaps still suffer from the Black Plague or Polio; still live under political dictators; but on the other hand, our universities might still believe in the bodily resurrection, and our marriages might be more likely to last a lifetime.  Ideas have consequences, as Richard Weaver has said, and the Center for Western Studies was founded to consider those ideas and consequences from a Christian mind.

Our MISSION: To explore, evaluate, and pass on the “great conversation” of Western Civilization by way of a Christian view of life and the world.